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2018-06-08 IssueCBD, Epic, Excellence Recognized: Across DoS, Grand Rounds, Leadership Grants, Funding/Grants (Research & QI), Nominations, OR Black Box & Pubs
2018-05-21 IssueKudos, Grand Rounds, QI, OAB, Research Position, Collins Day Awardees & Wrap Up, Funding Opportunities (SUS, CHEO, TOHAMO, CFI, and more), & Pubs
2018-05-08 IssueCHAMO Grant, Cardiac Surgery Resident Featured, #GoSponsorHer, National QI Meeting, Hygiene, Collins Day on May 11, ARTIC, TOHAMO, CFI, Pubs.
2018-04-21 IssueEPIC, Cancer Ther Director, #GoSponsorHer, Aspirin, Stem Cells, National Database, Hygiene, Collins Day - Updates, ARTIC, TOHAMO, CFI, Pubs...
2018-04-06 IssueMessage from Chair, CIHR, TOHAMO, HI, OR Black Box, Interprofessional Grand Rounds, Collins Day Updates / RSVP, ARTIC, Accreditation, Pubs...
2018-03-21 IssueHip Problems, Congrats Drs. Gartke & Irvine, Rounds, Dancing Docs, Admin Assistant, Collins Day, FEAST, HESP, FoM AR, uOttawa Updates, Pubs...
2018-03-07 Issue1100 Discharge, Quality, Heart Disease & Women, Grant Winners, Rev'ers, Surgeons Recognized, Collins Day News, DIME Applications, Ask Me, Pubs
2018-02-23 IssueCIR, Recognition of our Surgeons, New Grant Funding, DWTD, Awards, Rounds, Collins Day, Reviewers Needed, QI Foundations, ISRCH Conf, Pubs ...
2018-02-09 IssueRecognition of our Surgeons, DoS Grants Update, Collins Day 2018, New CRRF from OHRI, Award Nominations, TOHAMO Mtg, QI Foundations, Pubs ...
2018-01-30 IssueNew VC Education; uOHI in the News; CIHR Grants; Students for Hire; Methods Centre; Publishing Support; Grants; Excellence Awards; TOH QI; ...
2018-01-17 IssueThank you Dr. Oake, Grand Rounds (GR), Periops GR, Mentorship, DoS Grants: due Feb5, SEAD, Grant Workshop, Predatory Publishing, Fusion Update
2018-01-08 IssueCongrats to DoS on # TOHAMO Grant Winners, Fracture Liaison Services Recognized, Collins Day Visiting Prof, DoS Grant Deadline: Feb 5 & Pubs
2017-12-22 IssueMessage from the Chair, Recognizing Surgeons, Closure, Research Half-Day Wrap-up, Bethune Roundtable, EPIC from a Surgeon's Perspective, Pubs
2017-12-13 IssueWolves' Den & Research Awards, New Professor Orientation, Bethune Roundtable, Meridith Marks Day (Education Research), Summer Students, Pubs
2017-11-27 IssueAnnual Report, IMPAC, Flu Shot, Party, HR: Positions Available, Research Half Day Schedule/Info Updates, FoM PARO & Other Awards, Publications
2017-11-16 IssueDivision Heads, Promotions, Holiday Party, Praise for Surgeons, Walktober, Physician Advisor, Research 1/2 Day, Wolves Den, CTO, Publications
2017-10-31 IssueVice Chair Education, DoS Surgeons Highlighted, Walktober, Research 1/2 Day, Wolves' Den, Awards, UOttawa Lectures, Safety Conf, Publications
2017-10-16 IssueDecember Research 1/2 Day, Submit Your Title, Wolves' Den, Annual Research Awards, Research Program Awards (deadline extended)
2017-10-07 IssueMessage from the DoS Chair; Wearing Scrubs; Features on Drs. Ruel, Martel, Werier; New Urologist; Rattle Me Bones; Gairdner Lectures
2017-09-25 IssueCongrats Drs. Nagpal & Auer, Ground Rounds, Fall Grant Competitions (ie RPA), Biomarker Facility, Patient Safety Abstracts & Conference, Pubs
2017-09-11 IssuePromotions, Featured Surgeon, Grand Rounds, Holiday Party, Grants, Mentorship, Abstracts, FoM Invitation, #GoSponsorHer, QI Showcase, Publications
2017-08-31 IssueFeatured Research, CIHR, OHRI Research Day, Joan Sealy Trust Competition, Clinical Research, DIME Research Grants, FoM AGM, and Publications
2017-08-21 IssueFeatured Researcher, New OHRI Appointments, DoS Research Half Day, Grant Review, Mentorship, TOHAMO Grants, and Publications
2017-07-24 IssueFeatured Researcher, Project Grant Competition, Innovation Grants - Call for Proposals, Mentorship, Publications, and more
2017-07-10 IssueMessage from Vice Chair Research, Research Program Awards, Twitter, Dept Scan, Publications, and more
2017-06-29 IssueTOHAMO Metrics Update, Scan Results, Mentorship, CIHR Grant Help, Latest Publications, and more
2017-06-20 IssueDoS Scan Results, Mentorship, Grant Reviews, TOHAMO Grants, Grand Rounds, OHRI Profiles, Latest Publications, and more
2017-06-07 IssueCollins Day Presentations Posted, Manuscript Assistance, SoCRA, Fellowships, Publications, and more
2017-05-16 IssueCollins Day, Winners, Vignettes, Feedback Survey, DIME Fellowship, DoS Scan, Latest Publications, and more
2017-05-10 IssueCollins Day is this Friday, DoS Scan, Latest Publications, and more
2017-04-25 IssueCollins Day 2017 RSVPs Due, DoS Scan (Give Your Opinion), DoS Grand Rounds, Latest Publications, and more
2017-04-12 IssueCollins Day 2017 By the Numbers, Awards, RSVP, DoS Grand Rounds, Latest Publications, and more
2017-03-24 IssueCollins Surgical Day Info, Reviewer Recruitment, New DoS Website, and more
2017-03-02 IssueWelcome to TOH DOS News: Research Program Awards & Collins Day