Are you interested in having your reviewed by your expert colleagues?  Let us know your deadlines, and see how the DoS Research Office can assist in your draft proposal review (contact:

Timeline(s)OHRI/DoS Timeline(s)
Grant Competition RegistrationOHRI eNOI and reviewer names submitted via IRIS
Send grant draft to DoS Research Office
Grant review period
Return drafts to authors
OHRI: Completion of Internal Peer Review Form (IPRF)
Grant Competition Application Deadline


OHRI Internal Grant Review Information

Notes: The OHRI oversees an Internal Grant Review (IGR) process that is required for all grant and scientist salary award submissions (unless the PI is at another institution). Full OHRI IGR process details are available at the OHRI extranet here. For comments or questions on the OHRI IGR process, please contact the OHRI Senior Grants Officer, Rob Lajeunesse (


How the DoS Research Office assists grant reviews

The DoS Research Office is organizing a readily available pool (TOHDoS IGR Pool) to assist all DoS members with any grant review.  For details about the TOHDoS IGR: DoS Research Grant Review Service

To add or remove your name from TOHDoS IGR Pool:


Please note the following steps and deadlines in the OHRI IGR process:

StepsTimeline: Days in advance of grant deadlineNotes
OHRI pre-application process: Electronic notification of intent (eNOI form) submitted via IRIS
List of 3 qualified reviewers (part of the eNOI) submitted via IRIS (IGR form)
Supplied by applicant; contact the DoS Research Office for access to the DoS Reviewer List
Applicant distribution of research proposal (draft) to reviewers
IGR meeting (virtual or in person) as arranged by the applicant
Completion of internal peer review form (IPRF)
Applicant uploads IPRF (via IRIS)
Grant Deadline