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Research ProgramLast nameFirst nameDivisionInstituteArea
A proteomics approach to recurrent UTIHicklingDuaneUrologyOHRIChronic Disease
Access to high-quality breast surgical oncology care for breast cancer patientsArnaoutAngelGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Artificial Intelligent Analysis of Database Analysis to Inform Quality Improvement in Spinal SurgeryWaiEugeneOrthopaedic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology Program
Assessment of the diagnostic accuracy of percutaneous synovial biopsy for the detection of implant-related intraarticular shoulder infectionsLapnerPeterOrthopaedic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Atrial fibrillationLamBuu-KhanhCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Bioengineering strategies to restore motor function after spinal cord injuriesTsaiEveNeurosurgeryOHRINeuroscience
Biomedical Applications of Nanotechnology, utilization of Nanotechnology to improve neural repair and regenerationTsaiEveNeurosurgeryOHRINeuroscience
Bone trephination improves healing rates in patients undergoing surgery for rotator cuff tearsLapnerPeterOrthopaedic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Brain regeneration, Utilization of endogenous stem cells to repair brain lesionsTsaiEveNeurosurgeryOHRINeuroscience
Canadian Kidney Cancer Information System (CKCis)LavalleeLukeUrologyOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Cardiopulmonary bypass practices and clinical trialsBoodhwaniMunirCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Clinical and molecular determinants that predict prognosis in lung cancerVilleneuvePatrick JamesThoracic SurgeryOHRIHeart Institute
Clinical research in minimally invasive skull base surgeryAlkherayfFahadNeurosurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Clinical trials in neurosurgery AlkherayfFahadNeurosurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Clinical trials of integrative cancer care for thoracic oncologySeelyAndrewThoracic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Clopidogrel After Surgery for Coronary Artery DiseasE” (CASCADE) randomized controlled trialRuelMarcCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Cohort studies on longitudinal outcomes of heart valve replacementSuuronenErikCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Coronary physiology and pharmacologyBoodhwaniMunirCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Cost and OR efficiency analysis comparing radioactive seed localization vs. wire guided localization of non-palpable breast cancerNessimCarolynGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Effect of diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and endothelial function on myocardial angiogenesisBoodhwaniMunirCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Effects of simulation in surgical educationLamBuu-KhanhCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Evaluation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for prostate cancer prior to surgeryLavalleeLukeUrologyOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Evaluation of Xience Prime versus Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting for Effectiveness of Left Main Revascularization (EXCEL) trialRuelMarcCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Graft Patency Outcomes in Patients having Minimally Invasive Coronary SurgeryRuelMarcCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Heart valve bioprostheses and mechanical valvesChanVincentCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Identifying Narcissism in CaRMS Applicants to General SurgeryNessimCarolynGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Improved detection of spinal cord lesions in MS patientsTsaiEveNeurosurgeryOHRINeuroscience
Improving quality of prostate cancer surgical careBreauRodneyUrologyOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Improving use of prostate cancer diagnostic testsBreauRodneyUrologyOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Incidence of and risk factors for urinary tract infection following mid-urethral sling surgeryHicklingDuaneUrologyOHRIChronic Disease
Investigation into whether a difference exists in functional outcomes when comparing operative to non-operative management of proximal humerus fractures in the elderly populationLapnerPeterOrthopaedic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Issues in complex coronary revascularization procedures and arterial graftingBoodhwaniMunirCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Kinematic Assessment of Spinal Control to Improve Personalization of Care in Back PainWaiEugeneOrthopaedic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology Program
LL-37 and IDR1080 use for the prevention of catheter-associated urinary tract infectionHicklingDuaneUrologyOHRIChronic Disease
Lymphatic-venous bypass at the time of nodal dissection to prevent lymphedema NessimCarolynGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Lysine analogues during cancer surgeryBreauRodneyUrologyOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Mechanical circulatory support and transplantationMastersRoyCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Minimally invasive aerodigestive surgeryGilbertSebastienThoracic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Minimally invasive surgery (including minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafts),ChanVincentCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Minimally invasive surgery and novel surgical therapy for high risk patients undergoing cardiac surgeryRubensFraserCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Mitral valve repair and replacementChanVincentCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Multi-center randomized controlled trial (RCT) assessing renal hypothermia during partial nephrectomyLavalleeLukeUrologyOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Multi-center RCT assessing the effectiveness of tranexamic acid during radical cystectomy (TACT)LavalleeLukeUrologyOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Myocardial preservationHendryPaulCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Nanoparticle Technology for channels: Bioengineering strategies to enable combination therapy for the repair of spinal cord injury TsaiEveNeurosurgeryOHRINeuroscience
National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP)LavalleeLukeUrologyOHRIClinical Epidemiology
NeuroCognitive Controller (NCC-1701) - A prefrontal cortex brain-computer interface for ALS and Spinal cord injurySachsAdamNeurosurgeryOHRINeuroscience
Neurocognitive outcomes following cardiac surgeryBoodhwaniMunirCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Oncolytic Infected Call VaccinesAuerRebeccaGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Ottawa Breast Cancer Biomarker Research ProgramArnaoutAngelGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Pan-Canadian Series Merkel Cell CarcinomaNessimCarolynGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Pediatric Surgery - Advancing evidence-based practice with shared decision makingNasrAhmedGeneral Surgery - PediatricCHEO
Perioperative Cancer TherapeuticsAuerRebeccaGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Perioperative strategies to improve cancer outcomesArnaoutAngelGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Perioperative strategies to improve cancer outcomesAuerRebeccaGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Polymer-based delivery of endothelial progenitor cells for myocardial regenerationBoodhwaniMunirCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Preventing blood loss and transfusion during surgeryBreauRodneyUrologyOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Progress Note Template on ACS to improve communication and increase hospital reimbursementNessimCarolynGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Prospective Database in Soft Tissue SarcomaNessimCarolynGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
RCT comparing two different methods of subscapularis mobilization in shoulder arthroplasty, tenotomy vs. peel, in patients with advanced arthritis of the glenohumeral jointLapnerPeterOrthopaedic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
refinement and development of new and existing minimally invasive approaches to the treatment of diseasesGilbertSebastienThoracic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Research program to minimize preventable & inappropriate blood product transfusions in liver surgeryMartelGuillaumeGeneral SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Spinal Cord Injury Clinical TrialsTsaiEveNeurosurgeryOHRINeuroscience
Spinal Cord Injury Repair: Biodegradable hollow fiber channels to allow drug delivery for stimulation and propagation of endogenous stem cells for repair of spinal cord injury TsaiEveNeurosurgeryOHRINeuroscience
SUREPLavalleeLukeUrologyOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Surgery for heart failure, including the use of ventricular assist devices , left ventricular remodelling and transplantationHendryPaulCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Surgical quality, safety, efficiency initiatives aimed at improving patient experienceGilbertSebastienThoracic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Surgical treatment of chronic pulmonary embolismRubensFraserCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Systems and Lifestyle Approaches to Optimizing Wait List Management for Consultation viaWaiEugeneOrthopaedic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology Program
The effects of biopolymer matrices in cell-based and acellular cardiovascular regenerationRuelMarcCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Therapeutic options for the treatment of ischemic mitral regurgitationLamBuu-KhanhCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Thoracic surgery adverse event monitoring and feedback to improve careSeelyAndrewThoracic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Transforming monitoring to improve care: combining waveform processing, variability analysis, machine learning to produce clinical decision supportSeelyAndrewThoracic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Transilation research program in neuro-oncology AlkherayfFahadNeurosurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Translational research evaluating bioengineering an oncolytic virus in the treatment of melanomaNessimCarolynGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Translational research evaluating the role of NK cells in response to immune therapy check point inhibitorsNessimCarolynGeneral SurgeryOHRICancer Therapeutics
Use of antimicrobial peptides against UTIHicklingDuaneUrologyOHRIChronic Disease
Use of the novel decision making algorithm (The Instability Severity Index Score), compared to a conventional decision making algorithm, will improve disease-specific quality of life in patients undergoing a stabilization of the shoulder.LapnerPeterOrthopaedic SurgeryOHRIClinical Epidemiology
Valve outcomes analysisLamBuu-KhanhCardiac SurgeryuOHIHeart Institute
Volitional control of basal ganglia in Parkinson's diseaseSachsAdamNeurosurgeryOHRINeuroscience