2018 Collins Surgical Day Schedule and Posters

Date: Friday, May 11, 2018
Time: 8 am – 4:15 pm
Location: Foustanellas Auditorium, University of Ottawa Heart Institute: 40 Ruskin Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4W7

Visiting Professor: Joseph Woo MD, Norman E. Shumway Professor, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery Chair, Stanford University
Presentation Title: Researching and Designing the Next Generation of Surgical Therapy: Natural Reconstruction

Oral Presentation Abstracts: 2018 CSD Oral Presentation Abstracts
Poster Presentation Abstracts: 2018 CSD Poster Presentation Abstracts
Schedule in PDF: 2018 CSD Schedule


#Session NumberTimeAbstract #Speaker / ModeratorsEvent / TitleDomainDivision
108:00-08:15Vice Chair Research: Dr. Andrew SeelyOpening Remarks
208:15-09:45Dr. Sudhir Nagpal and Dr. Carolyn Nessim Oral Presentations & Discussion 1
3Oral Session 108:15-08:30OR01Dr. Janet NguImpact of revascularization versus medical therapies on left ventricular functional recovery in patients with reduced ejection fraction and coronary artery disease: A systematic review & network meta-analysis Clinical ResearchCardiac Surgery
4Oral Session 108:30-08:45OR02Dr. Heather SmithStandardizing early drain removal after pancreatectomy to reduce pancreatic fistula and surgical site infection: a quality improvement projectQuality Improvement ResearchGeneral Surgery
5Oral Session 108:45-09:00OR03Dr. Matthew CoyleCan a self-administered questionnaire reduce consultation wait times for potential elective lumbar spinal surgical candidates? A prospective pragmatic blinded randomized control quality improvement intervention.Clinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
6Oral Session 109:00-09:15OR04Dr. Ritesh KumarThe molecular subtype of Primary Glioblastoma cells correlates with response to therapeutic agents that induce apoptosis or senescence.Translational ResearchNeurosurgery
7Oral Session 109:15-09:30OR05Dr. Mark RockleyThe Futility of Surveillance for Old and Small AneurysmsClinical ResearchVascular Surgery
8Oral Session 109:30-09:45OR06Dr. Ching YeungDo patients have preconceived notions about different surgical approaches? Results from the perspectives regarding open versus minimally invasive surgery (PROMIS) survey.Clinical ResearchThoracic Surgery
909:45-09:50Vignette 1Dr. Ilias CagiannosOptimizing Surgical Management of Kidney Cancer
1009:50-09:55Vignette 2Dr. Juan GrauBicuspid Valve Syndrome - A translational research approach
1109:55-10:30 >Interactive discussionPoster Presentations 1
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3010:30-12:00Dr. Munir Boodhwani and Dr. Ilias CagiannosOral Presentations & Discussion 2
31Oral Session 210:30-10:45OR07Dr. Shira StraussUltrasound surveillance following carotid endarterectomy (CEA): Prudent or pointless?Clinical ResearchVascular Surgery
32Oral Session 210:45-11:00OR08Dr. Nadzir JuandaDevelopment of a sternotomy simulation model and scoring system for cardiac surgery trainingEducation ResearchCardiac Surgery
33Oral Session 211:00-11:15OR09Dr. Diana C. GhindaTo Improve Translation of Animal Regenerative Therapies to Humans: Direct Comparison of Human and Rat Neural Stem/Progenitor Cell Proliferation and DifferentiationTranslational ResearchNeurosurgery
34Oral Session 211:15-11:30OR10Dr. Kristen McAlpineDevelopment of a patient decision aid for individuals with complex, localized renal masses.Clinical ResearchUrology
35Oral Session 211:30-11:45OR11Dr. Lisa LovseWhat is the distribution of expenditures in a population of primary total hip and total knee arthroplasty patients and what contributes to the cost for the highest expenditure patients? Clinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
36Oral Session 211:45-12:00OR12Dr. Andre MartelSurgical Stress Suppresses Natural Killer Cell IFNγ Release in Colorectal Cancer PatientsTranslational ResearchGeneral Surgery
3712:00-12:05Vignette 3Dr. Prasad JettyDevices and variability in sac regression following endovascular repair based on a comprehensive registry of patients in Eastern Ontario
3812:05-12:10Vignette 4Dr. Fahad AlKherayfMinimally Invasive Skull-based Surgery Research Program
4012:10-13:00Interactive discussionPoster Presentations 2
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Invited SpeakerDr. Joseph Woo (Introduction by Dr. Marc Ruel)Researching and Designing the Next Generation of Surgical Therapy: Natural Reconstruction
6014:00-14:45Interactive discussionPoster Presentations 3
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7814:45-16:00Kim Bertens and Dr. Joel WerierOral Presentations & Discussion 3
79Oral Session 314:45-15:00OR13Dr. Idara EdemIntraoperative flash visual evoked potential recording and relationship to visual outcome Clinical ResearchNeurosurgery
80Oral Session 315:00-15:15OR14Dr. Nicholas CormierEpidural Nerve Blocks Increase Intraoperative Vasopressor Consumption and Delay Surgical Start Time Compared to General Anesthesia Alone in DIEP Free Flap Breast ReconstructionClinical ResearchPlastic Surgery
81Oral Session 315:15-15:30OR15Dr. Nada GawadAssessing decision-making skills in surgery: collecting validity evidence for the Script Concordance TestEducation ResearchGeneral Surgery
82Oral Session 315:30-15:45OR16Dr. Megan Richards An evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of total hip arthroplasty as an outpatient procedureClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
83Oral Session 315:45-16:00OR17Dr. Joseph SadekA Novel, Evidence-Based Smoking Cessation Program in an Outpatient Colorectal Surgery Clinic: 16 Month OutcomesQuality Improvement ResearchGeneral Surgery
8416:00-16:05Vignette 5Dr. Claudia MalicMental Well Being & Healthcare Utilization for Children Born with Cleft Pathology
8516:05-16:10Vignette 6Dr. Andrew SeelyWaveform-based Variability-derived Clinical Decision Support Software Tools
8616:10-16:15Dr. Andrew SeelyBest Medical Student Poster & Closing Remarks
8718:30-19:30Cocktail Reception (Chateau Laurier)
Dinner (Chateau Laurier)


Session NumberTimeAbstract #Speaker / ModeratorsEvent / TitleDomainDivision
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP01Dr. Linden K. HeadHarvesting the ‘SEAD’: Long-term follow-up of the Surgical Exploration and Discovery ProgramEducation ResearchPlastic Surgery
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP02Dr. Janet NguAssociation of intraoperative hypotension and renal replacement therapy after cardiac surgeryClinical ResearchCardiac Surgery
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP03Dr. Habib JabagiNative Coronary Disease Progression Post Coronary Artery Bypass GraftingClinical ResearchCardiac Surgery
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP04Dr. Matthew CoyleSpino-pelvic hypermobility is associated with inferior clinical outcomes post-THA: A dynamic assessment of patients with and without spinal arthrodesisClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP05Dr. Diana C. GhindaNoninvasive glioma biomarkers via resting-state functional MRI: modeling the dynamic interplay between the tumour and brain plasticityClinical ResearchNeurosurgery
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP06Dr. Jeffrey YatesExclusion criteria and adverse events in peri-operative trials of tranexamic acid: A systematic review and meta-analysisClinical ResearchGeneral Surgery
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP07Dr. Ming Hao GuoImpact of direct access to cardiac surgical services on the time to repair in acute type A aortic dissectionQuality Improvement ResearchCardiac Surgery
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP08Dr. Shira StraussQuality improvement in timing and delivery of carotid endarterectomies (CEAs) at The Ottawa Hospital: is the pendulum swinging too far?Quality Improvement ResearchVascular Surgery
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP09Dr. Mark RockleyProlonged versus Brief Balloon Inflation for Arterial AngioplastyClinical ResearchVascular Surgery
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP10Dr. Alexandre TranPredictors of in-hospital mortality among surgical patients requiring rapid response team activation: Identifying opportunities for earlier transfer to higher acuity unitsQuality Improvement ResearchGeneral Surgery
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP11 Katie HicksSurgical Exploration and Discovery (SEAD) Program: Early exposure to surgical subspecialties and its influence on student perceptions of a surgical career.Education ResearchMedical Student
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP13Dr. Luke Witherspoon (Submitted by Shreya Jalali)Resident-run urology clinics: a potential tool for use in competency-based medical education for teaching and assessing transition-to-practice skillsEducation ResearchUrology
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP14Dr. James HoldenOutcomes of intestinal ischemia among patients undergoing cardiac surgeryClinical ResearchGeneral Surgery
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP15 Lily ParkThe safety and effectiveness of hypovolemic phlebotomy on patients undergoing liver surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Clinical ResearchMedical Student
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP16Dr. Stephen GowingPilot study of implementation of an enhanced recovery pathway following minimally invasive esophagectomy in a Canadian thoracic academic centreClinical ResearchThoracic Surgery
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP17 Neraj ManhasSevere traumatic brain injury at the Ottawa Hospital: A 2 year cohort describing epidemiology, presentation, management and outcomeQuality Improvement ResearchMedical Student
Poster Session 109:55-10:30PP18Dr. Alexandra BuntingThoracic Cortical Bone Trajectory Screws for Cervical Thoracic Fixation – A Comparative ReviewClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP19 Frank BattagliaAcademic General Surgery: How gender and academic productivity relate to academic and leadership promotionQuality Improvement ResearchMedical Student
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP20Dr. Grayson RoumeliotisOutcomes following surgery for sagittal craniosynostosis: Local results for national collaborativeClinical ResearchPlastic Surgery
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP21Dr. Meaghan MarienA randomized, controlled trial comparing Stockinette cast padding and Webril cast padding for treatment of clubfoot by the Ponseti method of serial manipulation and casting.Clinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP22Dr. James RossSafety of ureterolysis in the management of retroperitoneal fibrosis Clinical ResearchUrology
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP23Dr. Hannah St. Denis-KatzOncoplastic breast surgery combining with immediate contralateral breast reduction: Oncological safety, surgical outcome and patient satisfaction Clinical ResearchPlastic Surgery
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP24Dr. Manisha MistryThe influence of post-operative capillary blood glucose control on infection following total joint arthroplasty. Quality Improvement ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP25Dr. Matthew LaschukAesthetic Areolar Dimensions: An Analysis of the Ideal NAC proportionsClinical ResearchPlastic Surgery
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP26Dr. Janet NguEffect of sex on incidence of post-operative atrial fibrillation in cardiac surgery patientsClinical ResearchCardiac Surgery
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP27Dr. Linden K. HeadClinical outcomes of nerve transfers in peroneal nerve palsy: A systematic review and meta-analysisClinical ResearchPlastic Surgery
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP28Dr. Lisa LovseGlenoid Exposure in Shoulder Arthroplasty: What is the role of soft tissue releases?Clinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP29Dr. Alexandre TranPrognostic accuracy of the quick sequential organ failure assessment (qSOFA) for mortality in patients with suspected infection: A systematic review and meta-analysisClinical ResearchGeneral Surgery
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP30Dr. Nada GawadGender is associated with promotion among Canadian academic surgeonsEducation ResearchGeneral Surgery
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP31Dr. Hamidreza AbdiFemale radical cystectomy patients have a higher risk of surgical site infections.Clinical ResearchUrology
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP32Dr. Idara EdemA systematic review of prophylactic antibiotic use in endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary lesionsClinical ResearchNeurosurgery
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP33 Nikhile MookerjiTesting the efficacy of self-study videos for the surgery clerkship rotation: A project in innovation of undergraduate medical educationEducation ResearchMedical Student
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP34 San (Hilalion) AhnAre group practices the way of the future for surgery? A scoping reviewQuality Improvement ResearchMedical Student
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP35 Molly AllenThe educational role of autonomy in medical training: a scoping reviewEducation ResearchMedical Student
Poster Session 212:10-13:00PP36Dr. Janelle Rekman Point-of-care hemoglobin testing and liver surgery; How accurate it is?Clinical ResearchGeneral Surgery
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP37Dr. Andrew AdamczykImpact of program specific E-Learning modules on surgical skill and knowledge acquisition in the setting of a junior arthroplasty rotation: The University of Ottawa ExperienceEducation ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP38Dr. Linden K. HeadEconomics of lymphovenous bypassQuality Improvement ResearchPlastic Surgery
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP39Dr. Alexandre TranNecrotizing soft tissue infection: Diagnostic accuracy of physical examination, imaging, and LRINEC score – A systematic review and meta-analysis Clinical ResearchGeneral Surgery
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP40Dr. Alexandre TranA national study of in-residency research productivity among Canadian academic surgeonsEducation ResearchGeneral Surgery
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP41Dr. Nada GawadThe inter-rater reliability of technical skills assessment and retention of rater trainingEducation ResearchGeneral Surgery
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP42Dr. Kamal BaliDirect superior and direct anterior total hip arthroplasty: A comparison of two minimally invasive approachesClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP43Dr. Idara EdemExternal injuries, trauma and avoidable deaths in rural Agincourt, South Africa.Clinical ResearchNeurosurgery
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP44Dr. Luke WitherspoonArtificial Intelligence in manuscript analysis: using machine learning to automate the peer review processTranslational ResearchUrology
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP45Dr. Laurence DufresneAnkle-brachial index measurement with an automated blood pressure device: Is it accurate?Clinical ResearchVascular Surgery
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP46Dr. Hamidreza AbdiOutcomes of Surgical Management of Localized High-Risk Prostate Cancer: Results from the Prostate Cancer Canadian Collaboration.Clinical ResearchUrology
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP47 Maria DoubovaSymptom control and quality of life over time following laparoscopic Heller myotomy and Dor fundoplication for achalasia Clinical ResearchMedical Student
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP48Dr. Brent TrullPlastic Surgery: Does competitive mean competent?Education ResearchPlastic Surgery
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP49 Aneesh KarirPelvic reconstruction with vertical rectus abdominis mycutaneous flap versus gracilis muscle flap: an outcomes analysisClinical ResearchMedical Student
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP50Dr. Patrick AndersonSurgical castration in the management of metastatic prostate cancer: Current trends in androgen deprivation therapy in the Canadian healthcare systemQuality Improvement ResearchUrology
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP51 Frank BattagliaExplant of a ball and cage valve 42 years after initial implantClinical ResearchMedical Student
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP52 Remington WinterInfluence of adjuvant antibiotics on fistula formation following incision and drainage of anorectal abscesses: A systematic review & meta-analysisClinical ResearchMedical Student
Poster Session 314:00-14:45PP53 Nikhile MookerjiUse of subcutaneous low-suction drains for the prevention of wound-related complications in obese renal transplant recipientsClinical ResearchMedical Student