This is the 2017 Collins Surgical Day schedule (updated May 9, 2017). All abstracts were reviewed and ranked by the Research Committee.

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PDF VersionCollins Surgical Day 2017 Final Schedule

TimeAbstract #Event / TitleSpeaker / ModeratorsDomainDivision
08:00-08:15Opening RemarksVice Chair Research: Dr. Andrew Seely
08:15-09:55Oral Presentations & Discussion 1Dr. Angel Arnaout and Dr. Marc Ruel, Moderators
08:15-08:30OR01Early Healing Following Pre-Operative Trephination: Results From a Randomized, Controlled TrialDr. Lisa HowardClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
08:30-08:45OR02Paravertebral Blocks Associated with Improved Pain Control, Decreased Narcotic Use, Earlier Discharge from PACU and Increased Cost Savings Compared to General Anesthesia Alone in Immediate Breast Reconstruction following Mastectomy Dr. Michael SteinClinical ResearchPlastic Surgery
08:45-09:00OR03Phlebotomy with controlled hypovolemia is associated with decreased red blood cell transfusion in liver surgeryDr. Laura BakerClinical ResearchGeneral Surgery
09:00-09:15OR04Distinct Electrophysiological and Genetic Patterns as New Markers for Glioma Related SeizuresDr. Diana Cristina GhindaTranslational ResearchNeurosurgery
09:15-09:30OR05Impact of perioperative fluid administration on postoperative adverse events following Thoracic oncologic surgeryDr. Negar AhmadiClinical ResearchThoracic Surgery
09:30-09:45OR06Heart Failure Etiology Influences Outcomes After LVAD ImplantationDr. Hadi ToegClinical ResearchCardiac Surgery
09:45-09:50Vignette 1Perioperative strategies to improve cancer outcomes (Drs. Rebecca Auer and Angel Arnaout)
09:50-09:55Vignette 2Lysine analogues during cancer surgery (Dr. Rodney Breau)
09:55-10:30Poster Presentations 1Interactive discussion
09:55-10:30PP01National multidisciplinary survey of regional anesthetic availability and preferences in breast reconstructionDr. Linden HeadClinical ResearchPlastic Surgery
09:55-10:30PP02Lateral Trochlear Ridge: a Non-Articulating Safe Zone for Anterior-to-Posterior Screw Placement in Coronal Shear Fractures involving the Capitellum and TrochleaDr. Bogdan MatacheClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
09:55-10:30PP03A prospective cohort study assessing the development of cam femoro-acetabular impingement morphologyDr. Paul JamiesonClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
09:55-10:30PP04Metal on Metal Hip Resurfacing in Patients 45 Years of Age and Less at a Minimum Five Year Follow-UpDr. Christopher DowdingClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
09:55-10:30PP05Valve Sparing Root Replacement to Facilitate Aortic Valve Repair in Non-Aneurysmal Aortic Roots– Is it Justifiable ?Fadi HageClinical ResearchCardiac Surgery
09:55-10:30PP06Implementation and evaluation of an electronic mobile version of the O-SCORE for intra-operative assessment of residents’ surgical skillsDr. Ryan FitzpatrickEducation ResearchUrology
09:55-10:30PP07Epidemiology of Paediatric Flexor Tendon Injuries in a Canadian Tertiary Care Centre – an Interim AnalysisDr. Ammara GhummanClinical ResearchPlastic Surgery
09:55-10:30PP09Short and long term outcomes after cleft palate repair: a meta-analysis systematic reviewZach ZhangClinical ResearchPlastic Surgery
09:55-10:30PP10Impact of Definition and Timeframe on Capturing Surgery-Related Readmissions After Primary Joint ArthroplastyBrian ChenClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
09:55-10:30PP11The diagnosis and management of the Spitz nevus in the pediatric population: A systematic review protocol and meta-analysis.Jean AbboudClinical ResearchPlastic Surgery
09:55-10:30PP12Potential for cost-savings through urologic medication prescribing habits in OntarioDr. Patrick T AndersonQuality Improvement ResearchUrology
09:55-10:30PP13Early Identification of Patients Requiring Massive Transfusion, Embolization or Hemostatic Surgery for Traumatic Hemorrhage: A Systematic ReviewDr. Alexandre TranClinical ResearchGeneral Surgery
09:55-10:30PP14Treatment for Trigger Finger: A Cost AnalysisKatie GarlandClinical ResearchPlastic Surgery
09:55-10:30PP15Pediatric Burns: developing a regional databaseNima NahiddiClinical ResearchPlastic Surgery
09:55-10:30PP16Intratumoral Connectivity and Electrophysiological Mapping for Personalized Management of GliomaDr. Diana Cristina GhindaClinical ResearchNeurosurgery
10:30-11:55Oral Presentations & Discussion 2Dr. Rebecca Auer and Dr. Ahmed Nasr, Moderators
10:30-10:45OR07Clinical detection of 2-hydroxyglutarate by magnetic resonance spectroscopy as a means of determining IDH mutation status in gliomas: Preliminary resultsDr. Michael S. TacconeTranslational ResearchNeurosurgery
10:45-11:00OR08Predictors and impact of recurrent renal dysfunction following cardiac surgery-associated acute kidney injuryDr. Janet NguClinical ResearchCardiac Surgery
11:00-11:15OR09A Point-Based Model To Predict Absolute Risk Of Revision In Shoulder ArthroplastyDr. Caleb NettingClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
11:15-11:30OR10Radiotherapy with radical cystectomy for bladder cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Dr. Kristen McAlpineClinical ResearchUrology
11:30-11:45OR11The Clinical Outcome of Patellofemoral Arthroplasty vs Total Knee Arthroplasty in Younger Patients with Isolated Patellofemoral OsteoarthritisDr. Ivan KamikovskiClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
11:45-12:00OR12Is Mild Preoperative Anemia a Risk Factor for Increased Morbidity and Mortality in Cardiac Surgery: a Retrospective Cohort StudyDr. Habib JabagiClinical ResearchCardiac Surgery
12:00-12:05Vignette 3Use of antimicrobial peptides against UTIs (Dr. Duane Hickling)
12:05-12:10Vignette 4Research program to minimize preventable and inappropriate blood product transfusion in liver surgery (Dr. Guillaume Martel)
12:10-13:00Poster Presentations 2Interactive discussion
12:10-13:00PP17Perceptions and practice patterns of holmium laser goggles in endourological procedures: an unnecessary evil?Dr. Nicholas PatersonQuality Improvement ResearchUrology
12:10-13:00PP18Critical Administration Threshold versus Massive Transfusion for Prediction of Mortality and Need for Hemostasis in TraumaDr. Alexandre TranClinical ResearchGeneral Surgery
12:10-13:00PP19Resident and Fellow Participation and Postoperative Technical Outcomes in Elective Anterior Cervical Spine SurgeryDr. Mahmoud BedaiwyQuality Improvement ResearchNeurosurgery
12:10-13:00PP20A Scoping Review on Diagnostic Criteria for Diagnosing Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) as an Initial Step for Developing a Clinical Decision Rule (CDR)Dr. Youjin ChangQuality Improvement ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
12:10-13:00PP21The balance of short- and long-term outcomes of bilateral internal thoracic artery skeletonization in CABG: A propensity-matched cohort studyDr. Janet NguClinical ResearchCardiac Surgery
12:10-13:00PP22Retaining smokers in a smoking cessation program: Implementation of a novel evidence based smoking cessation program in an outpatient surgery clinicK NadeauQuality Improvement ResearchGeneral Surgery
12:10-13:00PP23Does acetabular coverage influence the clinical outcome of surgical treatment of CAM femoroacetabular impingement?Dr. Alexandra BuntingClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
12:10-13:00PP24Outcome of Thoracic Aortic Team in non-emergent thoracic aortic surgeryDr. Ming Hao GuoClinical ResearchCardiac Surgery
12:10-13:00PP25Comparison of In vivo Performance of Re-melted versus Annealed Highly-Crossed PolyethyleneDr. Alison SuraciClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
12:10-13:00PP26Renal Cyst Evolution in Childhood: A Contemporary Observational StudyDr. Christopher RedigerClinical ResearchUrology
12:10-13:00PP27Learning new skills in practice: How surgeons adopt and implement new proceduresDr. Akshay (Shay) SethEducation ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
12:10-13:00PP28The application of incisional negative pressure wound therapy for perineal wounds: A systematic reviewDr. Amanda FowlerClinical ResearchGeneral Surgery
12:10-13:00PP29Identifying narcissistic traits in general surgery residency applicants: go with your gutDr. Nada GawadEducation ResearchGeneral Surgery
12:10-13:00PP30Reoperation rate and functional outcome scores of a fixed bearing unicondylar knee replacement with highly cross linked polyethylene at minimum four years follow up Dr. Megan RichardsClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
12:10-13:00PP31The Adoption of a New EMR in a Pediatric Ambulatory ClinicKatie GarlandQuality Improvement ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
12:10-13:00PP32What resting state fMRI can tell us about glioma? A systematic review Dr. Diana Cristina GhindaEducation ResearchNeurosurgery
13:00-14:00Invited SpeakerSuccess in surgical research: The magic formula!Dr. Mohit Bhandari (Introduction by Dr. Paul Beaule)
14:00-14:45Poster Presentations 3Interactive discussion
14:00-14:45PP33Satisfaction and quality of life in patients and caregivers of children with hypospadias: A qualitative study Dr. Daniel KeefeClinical ResearchUrology
14:00-14:45PP34Rationale and design of a randomized trial of prophylactic negative pressure wound therapy for the prevention of sternal wound complications in high risk patients undergoing cardiac surgery.Dr. Nadia ClariziaClinical ResearchCardiac Surgery
14:00-14:45PP35Two Acellular Dermal Matrices in Immediate Breast ReconstructionDr. Ammara GhummanClinical ResearchPlastic Surgery vs - The Internet Debate on Management of Carotid Artery DiseaseDr. Michael YacobEducation ResearchVascular Surgery
14:00-14:45PP37Hip Arthroplasty in Metastatic Bone Disease - A Single Center Experience Dr. Hussain Al YousefClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
14:00-14:45PP38Assessing longterm change in the culture of communication on the surgical wardDr. Heather SmithQuality Improvement ResearchGeneral Surgery
14:00-14:45PP39Break out of the classroom: The use of escape rooms as an alternative learning strategy for surgical educationDr. Laurence DufresneEducation ResearchVascular Surgery
14:00-14:45PP40Derivation of a Clinical Prediction Model for Early Identification of Clinically Significant Bleeding following Traumatic InjuryDr. Alexandre TranClinical ResearchGeneral Surgery
14:00-14:45PP41Introducing a Low-Fidelity, Resident-Driven Global Surgery Educational ToolDr. Michael SteinEducation ResearchPlastic Surgery
14:00-14:45PP42Blood transfusion and infection in ACDFDr. Hussa JabriQuality Improvement ResearchNeurosurgery
14:00-14:45PP43Associated Morbidity in Non-Therapeutic Laparotomies following Traumatic Injury: A Case SeriesDr. Matthew MosselerClinical ResearchGeneral Surgery
14:00-14:45PP44Linear vs. Circular stapled gastrojejunal anastomosis for laparoscopic roux-en-y gastric bypass (LRYGB). The Ottawa Bariatric groups experienceDr. Michael D'EliaClinical ResearchGeneral Surgery
14:00-14:45PP45The use of intraoperative ultrasound in neurosurgery: the value of real-time imagingDr. Ziyad MakoshiClinical ResearchNeurosurgery
14:00-14:45PP46The use of ultrasound for adequate decompression in spinal surgery in intraoperative real-timeDr. Carolyn LaiClinical ResearchNeurosurgery
14:45-16:10Oral Presentations & Discussion 3Dr. Dalibor Kubelik and Dr. Paul Beaule, Moderators
14:45-15:00OR13The acetabular and spino-pelvic morphologies are different in subjects with symptomatic cam femoro-acetabular impingement.Dr. George GrammatopoulosClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
15:00-15:15OR14Vascular Surgery Awareness and Career Interest Among Medical Students Dr. Jason PatapasEducation ResearchVascular Surgery
15:15-15:30OR15Hemiarthroplasty Versus Total Shoulder Arthroplasty. A Retrospective Cohort StudyDr. Caleb NettingClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
15:30-15:45OR16The Effect of Ventriculo-Aortic Junction Dilatation on Aortic InsufficiencyDr. Hadi ToegTranslational ResearchCardiac Surgery
15:45-16:00OR17Investigating the Feasibility of Using Bacteriophages as a Potential Therapeutic Agent for Patients with Peri-Prosthetic Joint Infection Dr. Ivan KamikovskiClinical ResearchOrthopaedic Surgery
16:00-16:05Vignette 5Paediatric surgery: Advancing evidence-based practice with shared decision making (Dr. Ahmed Nasr)
16:05-16:10Vignette 6Clinical and molecular determinants that predict prognosis in lung cancer (Dr. Patrick James Villeneuve)
16:10-16:15Best Medical Student Poster & Closing RemarksDr. Andrew Seely
18:30-19:30Cocktail Reception (Chateau Laurier)
19:30-Dinner (Chateau Laurier)